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Version - January 9, 2006

  • Added a way to import Friends in WebClient
  • Added ability to add-to-spammers in WebClient
  • Fix for add-to-friends in WebClient (e-mail view)
Version - November 23, 2005

  • Improved anti-virus scanner and anti-virus update
  • Fix for Add to Friends (some e-mails) (web interface only)
  • Fix for adding spammers, goodwords, badwords, friends to remove spaces (web interface only)
Version - May 25, 2005

  • Fix for automatic WebClient configuration when installing in a non-default location.
Version - May 11, 2005

  • Update to AntiVirus
  • Improved update system
  • Improved WebClient (Backup, URLCheck, Summary, Turing, and more)
  • Reporting added to WebClient
  • Proper WebClient configuration when installing in a non-default location.
Version - January 20, 2005

  • Fix to UI for Bayesian Analyzer
  • Update to install to include additional UI for Master analyzers
Version 4.3.0 - January 18, 2005

  • Turing (Challenge/Response) - Better identification to satisfy RBLs
  • Bayesian - Proper detection of user accounts for training
  • AntiVirus Updates - Change to use new mirror sites for virus signature updates
  • Master Configuration - Addition of many Master analyzers to Windows client to allow better corporate-wide configuration
  • BadWords - Inclusion of new bad words to handle new scams, phishing attempts, and new spam product categories
  • Improved header parsing - Improved parsing of non-compliant e-mail headers
  • LDAP Test - Included diagnostic utility for testing LDAP (Active Directory) configuration
Version 4.2.0 - October 14, 2004

  • Account Utility - Includes a command-line utility for importing and exporting users and aliases.
  • AntiVirus Update Update - Changes in the mirrored servers for anti-virus signature updates.
  • WebClient Improvements - Master user can allow or restrict users from configuring each analyzer.
  • WebClient Improvements - View Log files from WebClient (Master Users only).
  • Spammers Analyzer - The Windows client allows sorting spammers by domain or e-mail.
  • LiveSupport - Ability to connect to a live support agent for support (Master Users Only).
Version 4.1.0 - June 10, 2004

  • Automatic Updates - Checks for updates when initiated, and automatically download and install the updates.
  • Reset Options - Reset user settings, clear all spam from all accounts, reset master settings to factory defaults.
  • Web Client Included - The Web Client is now included with the install.
  • Web Server - Installs a pre-configured Apache installation, and starts/stops the server from the Spam Sleuth Config program.
Version 4.0.0 - May 25, 2004

  • Anti-virus - Not only does Spam Sleuth remove harmful attachments; now it also quickly scans all messages for dangerous viruses, and eliminates them before reaching your inbox.
  • Auto Responder - Automated process sends an e-mail back to the sender letting them know you're unavailable, or on vacation.
  • Updated Blacklists - Improved Blacklist's to ensure you're using the most current ones.
  • Additional Bad Words - Increased Bad Words to further block annoying, unsolicited junk e-mail.
  • Improved Web Client for Enterprise version - Now offers multi-select to delete or delete all messages, or add to friends.
  • Bayesian Analysis removed
Version 3.1.0 - Jan 29, 2004

  • Fully indexed search in Mail Jail
  • Boolean Logic Searching - Search with AND, OR, NEAR
  • Fake URL detection - prevents phishing
  • Auto Responder - Respond automatically when on vacation, or other times you may not be able to respond to e-mail
  • Persistent Sort - Keeps the previous sort setting (optional setting in Miscellaneous)
  • Decode in Viewer - Decodes encoded characters and ISO encoded subjects and base64 encoded text
  • Sort by domain or nickname - List your spam/e-mails by domain, e-mail or nickname
  • Two new options for the amount of time to keep spam (forever, and never)
Version 3.0.8

  • Active Directory/LDAP - configuration interface added
  • Dictionary Analyzer - Detects non-words at the end of subjects/messages
  • Subject Analyzer - Option to detect empty and missing subject
  • Subject Analyzer Master - Master users can now set master settings for the Subject Analyzer
  • Improved 'Valid Sender' - closes disconnected sockets.
  • Drag and Drop from Outlook and Outlook Express to the Mail Jail to 'Add to Friends' or 'Add to Spammers'
  • Relay Analyzer -Adds the option to relay messsage, that are Spam, Good or Custom Score
  • Improved Attachment detection
  • New option to edit the Turing (Challenge/Request) message
  • New option to edit the EMail Stamps message
  • Alt-G to mark a message as 'G'ood
  • Pass-through users do not count against licenses

Version 3.0.6

  • ISP Mode selectable from SSConfig
  • Optional: LDAP user list and authentication
  • Optional: Active Directory user list and authentication
  • Optional: RADIUS authentication of users
Version 3.0.5

  • Automatic configuration with Exchange Server 5.5 and Exchange Server 2000
  • Automatic user notify by e-mail in "Learn user mode". Let's users know they are protected from spam.

Version 3.0.1

  • Access List to allow e-mail clients to relay - decreases setup time
  • Ability to relay to different servers based on domain - great for ISPs that host
  • New fresh look for the Windows client
  • Re-score messages on the client
  • Multi-select to Delete, Add to Friends, Bounce, request Turing and request EMail Stamps
  • Status icon for bounced messages
  • Status icon for messages that triggered a Challenge-Response (Turing)
  • Status icon for messages that triggered an EMail Stamp Request


  • Support for passing user and pass on command-line to Windows Client
  • Fixed problem when detecting messages with CR only line-breaks


  • Support for Score.MASTER.
  • Support for Master default settings.
  • Added ability for Learning Mode to learn from a different server.
  • Friends, Spammers, GoodWords, BadWords and Mailing Lists dynamically re-load on file change.
  • Improved Install to not overwrite .MASTER files for more convenient update.


  • Fix for Friends, Spammers, Mailing Lists, Good Words, Bad Words - was not loading user list.


  • ISP Mode (LoadAndKeep) to handle 1,000,000+ users
  • Statistical Logging - for detailed reporting with SawMill, WebTrends or many others.
  • Speed optimizations when handling large numbers of user accounts. Benchmarks available upon request.
  • Improved memory handling


  • New BadWords Analyzer detects the splitting of BadWords with HTML tags or HTML comments
  • Fix to Bayesian Analyzer Training
  • Fix to keep users from adding their own e-mail address to Mailing Lists


  • Restrictions - Master users can restrict users from configuring certain settings.
  • Web Interface Available - Users and access spam viewer and settings via web (PHP Installation Required).
  • Trial Version Available - Try it out and make sure it suits your needs.
  • Improved Thread Handling - Better for high volume sites.
  • More configurable - Appear as any SMTP server type to the outside world.


  • Restriction by domain
  • New safe user type - No Config - No UnSpam
  • Support for multiple domains (add users once - automatic alias creation)
  • Learning mode which automatically learns your valid accounts
  • Added Tag Mode to mark spam with X-Text-Classification: spam (POPFile compatible)
  • Documented accounts.conf file
  • Improved anti-relay capabilities
  • Fixed Bayesian Training for 95/98/ME
  • Strong password security
  • Menu option to launch e-mail client
  • Compatibility changes to work with upcoming Web Client
  • E-Mailing Master Users on Trial status


  • Faster loading of messages in client

Version Beta 1

  • First Public Release

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