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Spam Sleuth Features and Benefits
FeatureSpam SleuthBenefit
30-day money back guaranteeProvides consumer confidence when purchasing a program and knowing that it really works.
Online ordering with Instant deliveryYou can start eliminating spam now.
Bayesian AnalysisUses statistical analysis of past e-mails to determine whether future e-mails are spam. The program learns what spam look like, similar to how your brain works.
Works with Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, The Bat, Pegasus, Netscape and many, many more.Compatible with almost any e-mail program so it works with your favorite e-mail program. No need to switch e-mail programs.
Automatic Internet UpdatesKeeps the program up-to-date with new data, new modules, and new spam detecting abilities to keep your InBox clean.
Challenge-Response (Turing Test)Be more aggressive at marking messages as spam, because legitimate senders get a challenge request where they can go to a web site and enter a few letters to allow their message through.
EMail StampsRequest small payment before accepting e-mail. Works automatically or manually.
Allows Friends through (whitelist)Gives you the ability to override all spam checking for known e-mail addresses of friends, relatives and co-workers.
Blocks known spam by e-mail address (blacklist)Lets you clean up your InBox by adding frequent e-mailers to the block list.
Bounce junk e-mailTricks the spammers by letting them know their e-mail was undeliverable. They remove you from their list and you get less spam.
Checks against real-time IP/DNS blacklistsChecks e-mails to see if they were sent by known spam servers. Eliminates spam from known sources and helps keep your InBox clean.
Checks for excessive recipientsKeep junk e-mail out by not accepting e-mail that was sent to dozens of people.
Checks for missing Reply addressIf the sender doesn't want you to reply, the reply address may be blank possibly indicating spam.
Checks for valid recipientChecks to make sure that the e-mail was sent to one of your e-mail addresses and not Homeowner, Potential Customer or some other vague name. Blocks spam that isn't sent directly to you.
Checks if 'From' and 'Reply To' differIf these addresses differ it may indicate deception and could be spam.
Compresses spam holding boxStores spam compressed in the temporary holding area to use as little disk space as possible, but still allow you to recover improperly tagged e-mail messages.
Dangerous attachment removalRemoves attachments that can be executed and often contain viruses. Will catch executable programs even before they have been identified as a virus.
Dictionary TestDetects more spam by looking at the end of subjects and messages for fake words.
Drag and DropEasy to add Friends and Spammers with Drag and Drop from Outlook and Outlook Express
Eliminates spam instead of just sorting itKeeps your e-mail program from getting burdened and overloaded with excessive junk e-mail
Encrypted profanity fileHides the profanity data and data file from young innocent eyes.
Expandable with additional analyzersThe program can grow and adapt to new criteria or new e-mail threats.
Flags e-mail with dangerous attachments as spamFlags e-mail with dangerous attachments, or any type of file as spam. Keeps dangerous attachments from being accidentally run on your computer.
Fuzzy logic or score basedThe program can evaluate many criteria when deciding how to handle spam.
Hobbies and Interests checkingAllows e-mails that contain information useful to you. Allows e-mail that pertains to your interests.
HTML Volume analysisAnalyzes e-mail for excessive use of large fonts, bright colors and other spam-like characteristics.
Mail Record checkChecks to make sure there is a valid IP address to reply to if you decide to. Helps keep your InBox clean by rejecting e-mail that comes from spammers who don't want to be contacted by e-mail.
Multiple account supportCan clean spam from multiple POP3 accounts.
Optional audio indicator of spamLets you know audibly when the program had detected and removed spam.
POP3 supportSupports the industry standard POP3 accounts.
Profanity filterWatches for profanity and flags e-mails with excessive profanity as spam
Quick clicks add friends to acceptable listQuickly add your friends, relatives and co-workers to the acceptable list.
Quick clicks add spammer to reject listQuickly add spammers to the block list so that you aren't bothered by them again.
Regular ExpressionsAllows powerful searches of complex patterns in e-mail text to match just about anything.
RelayRelay non-spam messages to another e-mail account for your PDA, phone, etc. Protect your important e-mail accounts and let Spam Sleuth remove the junk and relay the gems.
Removes dangerous script from HTML e-mailsKeeps dangerous e-mails from launching porn laden pages, or redirecting you to another site.
Removes External ImagesKeeps you from automatically sending information back to the spammer. External Images can contain web-bugs that transmit your e-mail back to the spammer so they know you're looking at their junk e-mail.
Removes HTML formattingGet just the meat of the message by removing font formatting and leaving just the text.
Removes HTML linksKeeps kids out of trouble by removing potentially hazardous HTML links they can click on.
Removes Internal ImagesCan keep potentially pornographic images from being displayed in children's e-mail.
SMTP checkChecks to make sure there is a valid e-mail server available if you decide to reply. Helps keep your InBox clean by rejecting e-mail that comes from spammers who don't want to be contacted by e-mail.
Spam words checkingKeeps you from getting e-mail that contains excessive usage of words normally contained in spam such as free, viagra, prize, flat-hose, etc.
Stores spam for X daysGives you a chance to get an e-mail back if it was incorrectly tagged as spam.
Subject analysisLooks for spam indicators and removes e-mail that has spam-like subjects.
Supports Mailing ListsLets you add your favorite mailing lists to allow them to reach your InBox.
Supports wildcards blocking messages by e-mail addressQuickly add an entire company to the block list.
Wildcards for allowing friendsEliminates the need to enter every e-mail address for co-workers. Just add * to allow all e-mail from
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