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There are 2 layouts for Bookmarks in ClickBook.
*Bookmarks (No Scaling)

  In your word processor, such as Word or WordPerfect, your pages will line up
as follows:

Page 1 – Front side of the 1st bookmark
Page 2 – Front side of the 2nd bookmark
Page 3 – Front side of the 3rd bookmark
Page 4 – Front side of the 4th bookmark
Page 5 – Front side of the 5th bookmark
Page 6 – Backside of the 5th bookmark
Page 7 – Backside of the 4th bookmark
Page 8 – Backside of the 3rd bookmark
Page 9 – Backside of the 2nd bookmark
Page 10 – Backside of the 1st bookmark

Microsoft Word Example Files:
Home & Religion Samples
Home & Business Samples
Work, Home & School Samples
  Bookmarks (No Scaling)
(No Scaling) – indicates that ClickBook will not reduce and realign your document. ClickBook will print the document exactly the way you see it in your word processor. Using the Bookmarks (No Scaling) layout will make your bookmark look more proportioned.

You can open one of the example Microsoft Word files provided above, and edit the document, or you can create your own from scratch.

To create your own document you’ll need to adjust the margins on the ruler bars. On the Horizontal ruler set the left margin approximately .25 inches from the edge, and set the right margin ruler to 1.75 inches. On the Vertical ruler set the top approximately .25 inches from the edge, and set the bottom to approximately 6.5 inches. Format the document exactly as you want it to appear, and print to a ClickBook printer.

If you print to ClickBook and the text is cut off on the bottom in the print preview, it will not show up when you print. If text is running off to the side in ClickBook’s print preview it will show up on the printout.

To create your own sideways aligned bookmarks in Microsoft Word. Adjust the margins on your ruler bars as mentioned above. Then insert a table into Microsoft Word and realign the text orientation to sideways. To do this, select the text in the table, and then go to Format, and select Text Direction on the menu bar.

Graphics – depending on how you want your graphics to appear, you may need to rotate or flip them. To do this copy the graphic into Microsoft Paint, and flip or rotate the graphic as you wish. Then copy the edited graphic from Paint, and paste it back into your word processor.

Your Bookmarks will look more proportioned when you use the Bookmarks (No Scaling) layout. If you choose the “Bookmarks” layout ClickBook will reduce, and realign your computer file so it may look distorted in comparison to the files original size.

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