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Poster Print - ClickBook Software for Windows!
Print anything as a multi-page poster.

ClickBook turns anything you print into a poster of any size. Choose the size of the poster and ClickBook will figure out how many pieces of paper you need and create your poster.

Print from any application. Print a photograph as a life-size poster. Print a wall sized copy of a web page. Print a map of the world and hang it on a classroom wall. Once you own this program, the possibilities are endless.

Just staple, tape, or glue the pages together to make your poster. ClickBook prints a bit extra on each page to make it easier to assemble your poster.

From business card size to billboard size* -- No poster is too small or too big for ClickBook. You can even make a full billboard size poster if you wish.

Print to the ClickBook printer to create a poster with your printer.

  • Uses any standard inkjet or laser printer.
  • Print any size poster. You specify the exact size and ClickBook will optimize to use the least paper to make the poster.
  • Print posters for school events, sponsored events, sporting events, church events, school classroom learning materials, wall size tournament brackets, easy to read event schedules, and much, much more.
  • Use your favorite program to create your poster. Use Word with its Word Art and clipart library or even notepad for a simple informational banner.

ClickBook For Windows Buy: $49.95
Click here to buy poster print software ClickBook for Windows!
Free Clickbook Trial for Windows Click here to download a trial version of poster print software ClickBook for Windows.

Purchase it today, download, and begin using it today.

Need your poster to be waterproof? Check out our waterproof paper for laser printers.

*Billboard size (8'8" x 19'6" or 576 pages) is not an actual limit of ClickBook Poster Maker. ClickBook can print larger sizes.

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