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Layouts are .cbl files that you can create and trade with other ClickBook users. Feel free to send your layouts here

How to install ClickBook layout files:
1 - Unzip the .cbl file
2 - Choose a category from (ClickBook Install Folder)\layouts
3 - Copy the .cbl file into the (ClickBook Install Folder)\layouts category
DAT Tapes Layout (Folded)
Mini-Doll Book (Folded)
Micro-fiche (Tiled)
Side-by-Side Legal (Folded)
ZipBook layout for Zip Disks
(Zip is a registered trademark of Iomega Corporation)
Day Planner-Pocket Size (cut)

Paper Direct Example Documents:

To install the sample documents for Paper Direct paper unzip the .doc files with the directory structure intact in to an empty directory The documents are arranged by category into 10 directories.

The documents are in Microsoft Word 97 format.

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