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Archival - Archive anything with ClickBook
Archive and store important documents in digital (PDF) or paper (Microfiche size).

You'll be far more organized and prepared when you use ClickBook to save, store and print your important documents like bank statements, and tax records. Whether you prefer to store your information on disk, online, or safely printed and filed away, ClickBook is your solution.

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Archive your critical information

With the bank failures and other unforeseen events, won't you feel safer with your important documents stored on your computer or compactly filed in a folder.

Store paper in one eighth the space by using the Archive layouts to put more pages on each piece of paper you store.

Below are just a few things to archive with ClickBook:

  • Bank records - Store records of balances, and all tax and business related expenses.
  • Taxes - Store for seven years.
  • IRA contributions - Store permanently.
  • Retirement / Savings plan statements - Protect yourself by having copies of your records.
  • Brokerage statements - Store until you sell your securities.
  • Bills - Store bills for big purchases.
  • Credit card statements - Especially store statements that document tax-related expenses.
  • House records - Store until you sell the house.
  • Brokerage statements - Store until you sell your securities.

You'll be more organized when you buy ClickBook!

How to archive:

If your statements are electronic, print to ClickBook and choose an Archive layout, hit PDF to archive as PDF file. Or print to your printer using one of the Archival layouts. Store from 2 to 50 pages per sheet of paper (depending on the quality of your printer).

Use the magnifying lens (included) in ClickBook MMX (Archival Edition) to read. If you want safe online archival, use the Evernote feature of ClickBook to store your records, and access them from anywhere.

Archive with ClickBook as PDF to Disk or Evernote

Print lots of pages onto one sheet of paper to save space. Easily print 8 pages per sheet on any printer, or print more pages per sheet with higher quality printers (down to microfiche size).

ClickBook For Windows (Archival Edition) Buy: $49.95
Click here to buy ClickBook MMX (Archival Edition) with included magnifying lens!
ClickBook For Mac OS X (Archival Edition) Buy: $49.95
Click here to buy ClickBook for Mac OS X (Archival Edition) with included magnifying lens!
Free Clickbook Trial for Windows Click here to download a trial version of booklet printing software ClickBook for Windows.

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