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Poster maker - Click2Poster software for Windows XP/2000/2003/Vista
Print enlarged multi-page posters and banners of any size

Poster print software, Click2Poster, prints anything as a multi-page enlarged poster or banner. Works with Windows 2000/XP
Poster print software, Click2Poster, prints anything as a multi-page enlarged poster. Works with Windows 2000/XP
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From business card size to billboard size -- No poster or banner is too small or too big for Click2Poster.

  • Works with Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista
  • Use any standard Inkjet or Laser Printer
  • Print any size poster. You specify the exact size and Click2Poster will optimize to use the least paper to make the poster.
  • Print posters for school events, church gatherings, work meetings, home signs, and much, much more.
  • Use your favorite program to create your poster. Use MS Paint, MS Word and its Word Art and clipart library or even notepad for a simple informational banner.

Click2Poster Click2Poster turns anything you print into a poster of any size. Choose the size of the poster and Click2Poster will figure out how many pieces of paper you need and create your poster. Once you own this program, the possibilities are endless.
  • Print a photograph as a life-size poster.
  • Print a wall sized copy of a web page.
  • Print a map of the world and hang it on a classroom wall.
  • Print company mission statements, goals, sales charts, blue prints and more as enlarged posters.
  • Print Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, Welcome Home, Lemonade for sale, or Hot cocoa for sale posters to use at home.

How simple is it to use?
First you set up a "Click2Poster" printer on your system. Then open a file, such as a Web page, document, photograph, graphic, or whatever in your favorite application. Then just print as you normally would, and choose the "Click2Poster" printer. The program opens, and asks you what size of poster, and VWHALAA Click2Poster will create a full-color or black and white enlarged poster. Just staple, tape, or glue the pages together to make your poster. Click2Poster prints a bit extra on each page to make it easier to assemble your poster.

Click2Poster Resources
Get the most from Click2Poster with these helpful resources.
Click2Poster Manual (PDF)
Click2Poster Manual (HTML)
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Waterproof poster paper for laser printers.

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