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What are your regular business hours?
Our regular business hours are Monday - Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Mountain (-7 GMT)

How do I buy ClickBook?
To buy ClickBook, go to our purchase page. Once you purchase, you can download, install, and begin using it.

Can I purchase by Fax, Mail, Check, or Purchase Order?
You can fax your order to 801-912-6032, be sure to include your name, credit card number and expiration date, address and whether you use Windows or Macintosh. You can Mail your order to the Sales Dept. at 686 E. 8400 South, Sandy, UT 84070. Be sure to include a check or money order or credit card number and expiration date. You can order by purchase order if you are school or government entity.

If I order today, can I begin using it today?
Yes, if you order during our business hours, you will receive a download link and a license key for the ClickBook within an hour of your purchase. You may also call us during business hours to order and receive it immediately. Hourly delivery not available after business hours or on weekends. After hours and weekend orders will be processed next business day.

What if ClickBook doesn't work for me?
We can help you get it working, but if ClickBook doesn't meet your needs, just return it within 30 days for a full refund. We want happy customers.

How do I install ClickBook?
To install ClickBook, you run the ClickBookSetup.exe that you can download, or from your CD. After installation, each printer must be set up to work with ClickBook. The installer will start the "Add Printer Wizard" which will step you through adding a printer. If your printer is a "known" printer, then it will be set up automatically. If not, you step through a quick and easy wizard which prints two sheets on your printer and asks some questions about what you see. From these answers, ClickBook determines how your printer prints and can generate custom instructions for inserting paper back into your printer to print the back of the pages.

How do I use ClickBook?
To use ClickBook, you choose File->Print from any application. Then choose the "ClickBook Printer" and hit "Print". ClickBook will appear and you will have a preview of your book. If you want to change the layout to a brochure, or a n-up document choose a different layout. Hit PRINT from ClickBook. If your printer prints on both sides of the paper, just wait for your booklet to appear, otherwise wait until the first side has printed, flip the pages over and insert them back into your printer and hit "Print Second Side" from ClickBook.

What does ClickBook do for me?
ClickBook will take anything you can print and turn it into a book of any size, a poster of any size, or a PDF file. There are 100+ layouts to make books, brochures, door hangers, tri-folds, table-tops. The poster wizard lets you make posters of any size using regular paper and a regular printer. The PDF feature lets you make PDF files using any of the layouts.

How does ClickBook work?
ClickBook works like a printer. You will have a new printer called "ClickBook Printer" When you print to the "ClickBook Printer", ClickBook will appear and you can choose the type of booklet, brochure, poster or PDF that you would like. Then ClickBook will print to your real printer to make the book, poster, business cards, cd cover, etc. ClickBook handles all the details -- including shrinking the pages for a perfect fit, rotating the pages to fit the book layout you've chosen, and printing on both sides of the paper when necessary. It really is that easy.


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